Take it Slow, Breathe, Appreciate

Take it Slow, Breathe, Appreciate

So, the Christmas decorations are finally packed away, the new year has been welcomed in (with a drink or two), and we are all slowly getting back to normality with our regular working week.  With 2020 here, we’ve not only started a new year but a new decade, and something about that feels quite exciting. I don't know about you, but I have a good feeling about this year.  It's a year for making positive changes.

The new year always signifies a fresh start; a time to set resolutions or intentions for the year ahead.  It feels hopeful, positive and full of possibilities. Some of these goals can be short lived (mmmm going to the gym anyone?!) or some of them can be long term.  For me personally, I want to look at the bigger picture and hopefully make some long term changes that will have a positive impact on my life, business, and well being.

Take It Slow

This doesn't mean I will be putting my feet up, but, I would definitely like to take more time to think, plan and create things so that I feel a real sense of satisfaction from it.  We live in such a fast paced world at the moment, with modern technology and social media making it seem like we should be constantly on the go, never switched off from what is going on around us. It can be a bit overwhelming at times and feel quite hard to keep up.  Sometimes it seems like I am never doing enough, being new or exciting enough and I start to feel critical of myself and my business, or rush into making things which I am not 100% happy with just so I have something to share.

This year I want to take a step back from this fast paced life and start to spend more time planning, designing, developing, and making art and products that I really love and feel proud of.  I want to be present in the moment, enjoy the process and feel in tune with it again.  I want to feel really proud of the work I have made and not just rush ahead with things so I have something to show on my instagram feed. This year I want to take it slow.  After all, what is the rush?


I started meditating last summer.  I had never done it before, and to be honest, I didn’t think it would be for me, but I've heard so many positive things about it I thought it was worth giving it a go.  I started a week long programme with Headspace and can honestly say I felt like it made a huge difference to my wellbeing.  Taking time for yourself to just sit in peace, breathe slowly, be in tune with yourself, made me feel a lot calmer inside.  Self care is so important, but its probably the first thing that goes out the window when I am busy with work.  In the run up to Christmas, at my peak busy time, I couldn’t physically meditate as I was just too stressed.  But now the Christmas craziness is over I am looking forward to getting back into meditating again, giving some time to myself to breathe, clear my mind and be calm.


Last year was a strange one for me.  I wasn’t in the best headspace and spent a lot of the year feeling quite low.  I might write another blog post about that another time, as I have been taking different steps to make myself feel happier and it would be nice to share that with you. One thing I realised was that I wasn’t really appreciating life or bringing joy to my life.  Having gratitude, particularly for the smallest things, can make such a big impact to your mood.  Sitting down to appreciate a lovely cup of tea, or the way the sunlight hits the wall in your living room, to how a snuggly pair of socks feel on your feet, or the changing colour of the sky. Noticing, appreciating and having gratitude goes a long way.  Appreciating other people and what they bring to your life, but also appreciating yourself and what you do for others. It can be easy to forget to appreciate these things, and sometimes we need a reminder, which is why I want to make it one of my intentions this year.

So What's Next?

Of course, I have lots of other goals and intentions for this year; different workshops I would like to go to (I've already signed up for a couple), plans for my business, holiday destinations I would like to visit. I will keep adding to my list but these three intentions sum up the overall feeling I want to achieve and maintain throughout the year.  Other things might change month by month but these fundamental goals are the ones which I hope will remain constant, and hopefully help to bring more joy to my life.

I'd love to hear about any intentions you've set for the year ahead, please share them in the comments!

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