Our Environmental Goals

The environment is so important to us.  Recent studies which have shown the effect that plastic waste is causing to the planet can't be ignored.  We want to try to do our bit as much as we can, and although we can't promise to be perfect just yet, we are making steady changes to minimise our use of plastic and general waste.

Here are some of the changes we are making;

  • We are changing all of our cellophane sleeves on our cards and prints to bio-degradable plastic.  We will still use some non-biodegradable plastic whilst we finish off existing stock.  Once it is gone, all of our plastic sleeves will be 100% replaced with bio-degradable sleeves.
  • We are replacing our packing tape with recyclable paper packing tape.  Again, whilst we use up existing stock we may still use some plastic tape.
  • We have replaced our plastic bubble wrap with paper bubble wrap.  We do however re-use plastic bubble wrap on occasion when we receive goods from our suppliers.  We feel it is better to re-use items where possible rather than throwing them away.
  • We aim to reuse as many cardboard boxes from our suppliers as possible, or recycle if they are not in a reusable condition.
Our Products
  • We only produce stock in small quantities to avoid producing excess unused stock. 
  • We avoid over packaging products (ie unnecessary boxes or plastic bags).
  • Where plastic is used we aim to use bio-degradable or recyclable plastic.
  • Our candles are made from environmentally friendly Soy Wax, and we encourage users to re-use the candle pots at the end of the products life.
  • Our paper stock is FSC certified, recyclable and biodegradable. It is also classified as ECF.
  • We use water based paints and inks.

If you have a query or suggestion on how we can further help the planet we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to email us at hello@hellomarilu.com