Hello Marilu is a creative lifestyle brand with a strong focus on handmade. Created by Mary-Ann Aveline in 2016, Hello Marilu offers an eclectic range of textiles and paper goods that have been designed, handmade or hand finished in her South London studio.

'I have always enjoyed the process of making something, whether hand stamping a greeting card, screen printing fabric, or sewing a leather purse. Handmade items offer a uniqueness that is special both to the maker and the buyer. So much time and consideration goes into each product that there’s affection for each piece created. Sometimes the end result can differ from what you originally had in mind but the wonderful thing about the process is that new ideas and techniques can be discovered along the way. Those looking to buy something handmade will often look for the personal touch such as a nostalgic illustration or the chance to send a personalised gift to a friend. 

There is so much inspiration that surrounds us, and so many beautiful styles and techniques waiting to be explored that I have often found it very difficult to focus on just one style or just one product type. What I love about Hello Marilu, and what I hope we offer our customers is a variety of styles and techniques that can appeal to many people. The coherent factor is the hand finished quality teamed with a love of neon and gold.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our shop.  We hope you love our collection as much as we have enjoyed making it.'

Mary-Ann, Hello Marilu