DIY Seed Bombs

DIY Seed Bombs

March is almost here and spring is definitely in the air.  With Mother's Day just around the corner and the Easter holidays not far away, I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you this super simple Seed Bomb DIY.  It's a great activity for keeping your little ones entertained whilst also caring for wildlife.

I discovered seed bombs a couple of years ago when I did a bee walk around London.  It was a really fascinating walk and we made some seed bombs with wildflower seeds to help encourage bees and butterflies.  The idea is that you fill your seed bomb with wildflower seeds, let it set and then go and throw it somewhere wild; in your garden or local park, or anywhere where flowers can grow.  When the wildflowers bloom it helps the bees and butterflies to thrive over the summer.

Seed Bomb materials

What you will need:

Terracotta air-drying clay

Some simple clay tools (optional)

Cookie cutters (optional)

Pack of wildflower seeds

Your imagination!


Start by pulling a small chunk of red clay from your pack.  You don't want it to be huge, maybe the size of a small apricot.

Roll it into a ball and press your thumb into the centre to create a little dip.  Pour a small amount of wildflower seeds into the middle and then fold the clay over it again and roll between your hands.

Seed bombs

Now the fun part!  You could of course just make your seed bomb into a ball, but why not use your imagination to create a mini work of art.  Make a face, an animal or love heart!  Anything you can think of.  It's a really great craft to do with children as it's so easy and fun.

Seed bomb owl

Seed bomb love heart

If you're struggling to make something then you can also experiment with using cookie cutters to create some interesting shapes.  You may need to roll your seed bomb a little flatter.  You can add some details to your shapes with your clay tools, but if you don't have any tools then a blunt knife or cocktail stick would also work. 

Cookie cutter seed bombs

Decorate your seed bombs

Let your seed bombs dry out naturally (check the label of your clay pack to see how long they will need to dry).  Once dry you can find a place to throw them; the clay will crack and the seeds are gradually released into the ground once the clay gets wet again in the rain.  They also make pretty Mother's Day gifts or presents for your nature loving friends, wrapped up in a cotton sack.

Final seed bombs

I hope you enjoy this DIY.  If you give it a go then tell me what shapes you make and where you throw your seed bombs!

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