2020 Trend Insights

2020 Trend Insights

A couple of weeks ago I popped along to Top Drawer (one of the UK's leading lifestyle trade shows for design-led brands) to listen to their talks about the predicted retail and design trends for 2020/21. It really appeals to my natural curiosity and I'd love that sort of thing even if I didn't design products for a living. Let me tell you what I learned...

Interestingly, this year's trend predictions are less about specific themes and more about creating a mood; specifically feelings of happiness. 

With the current environmental, political and economic worries (globally and locally), it's totally understandable that the world around us can feel a little bleak at times. We are searching for ways to bring happiness to our lives so it's inevitable that trends are leaning towards things that create an emotional connection. Think: personalised products, craft kits, nostalgia, handmade crafts, making memories or taking part in an activities such as workshops. This happily lends itself really well to small businesses who can often provide that more tailored and personable service. 

2020 Design Trends
Image Ref from top left; Blue Marble; Pantone Classic Blue; Woo Design Interiors; Good Vibes Only (Paul Swensen); Anthropologie embroidered bag; Be Kind (Pop xo); Analogue creative Co SS 2020 Pantone Colour Palette; Top Drawer Trends Curation; Bright Orange; Textured Glass; Matt Brass; Rust Patina.


Sustainability is still key this year, with less rapid seasonal trends and more eclectic, long-lasting trends aiming to reduce the throwaway culture. Taking sustainability to a new level will see brands using things like food waste to dye fabric and create beauty products or fashion sea plastic into jewellery. It involves really thinking outside the box and using what we already have that would otherwise be waste, then turn it into something beautiful, new and useful.

With Classic Blue being Pantone's colour of the year, it's not surprising that blue is a popular colour choice in 2020. From a rich cobalt, a muted grey tone or a vibrant aqua, blue is such a versatile colour and looks set to be complemented by warm and energising shades of orange or hints of neon. The nostalgic feel will also lend itself to brown earthy tones with some predicting brown to be the new black this year.

Textures and natural materials which give that feeling of warmth are also key, such as natural rust patinas, stone and marble, textured glass, matt brass, imperfectly perfect finishes which give us the the feeling of connection, and tell a story.

Keep an eye out for these trends making an appearance in products, interiors and fashion over the next few months...

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