Create your own distressed gold foil purse

Create your own distressed gold foil purse

 I like gold.  A lot.  I would even say I'm a bit gold obsessed.  Whether for jewellery, hand bags or shoes, gold is just a great colour to add to any outfit.  It really makes a statement and seems to go with everything. 

This DIY distressed gold foil purse is easy to make as the distressed look hides any imperfections, so there is no need to worry about being too precise or perfect with your lines.  In fact I think it adds to the character!  You can even play around with the size or position of the stripes if you want to, but hopefully this post will give you some inspiration to try out. 

What you will need:

  • A zip to the size of your choice - I have opted for an 18cm YKK gold zip with white outer fabric
  • Thick white cotton fabric 
  • Gold screen print transfer foil
  • Water based foil adhesive
  • Neon pink ribbon
  • Masking tape
  • Wide paint brush
  • Scissors
  • White thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Baking paper
  • Iron

Using your zip as a guide measure out 4 pieces of white cotton (two for the outer panels and two for the lining).  My pieces measure around 18cm x 14cm, but you can make it to any size you like, just remember your actual purse will be slightly smaller when you have sewed all the pieces together.

For the two outer panels use masking tape to mark out the stripes.  There is no need to be too accurate.  I made my lines about as thick as the masking tape itself just for ease.  I also placed the masking tape by eye rather than measuring it properly.  Once you have done this prepare your gold foil strips by cutting them to just over the size of the width of each line, and put to one side.

You can now start painting on the foil adhesive with a paintbrush to the exposed pieces of cotton.  Its best to put the fabric on top of some paper to protect your surface.  The masking tape lines mean you can paint the adhesive on quite quickly.

Once the adhesive is applied carefully remove the masking tape from the cotton and firm down the foil strips over the adhesive with your hands.  Cover the foil with a sheet of baking paper and iron on the hottest setting for a few minutes - the heat is required to seal the glue. 

Now the fun part - removing the gold foil!  Wait until the foil has cooled before peeling off and gently remove each piece.  The foil removes in a distressed way - some pieces will be more solid than others but this only adds to the distressed look.

You are now ready to start sewing your purse together.  Start by placing one piece of your outer panels face up.  Along the top edge line up the edge of your zip face down and then place your lining fabric on top of that.  Once all edges are lined up you can pin and sew them together.  I have used a zipper foot on my sewing machine but if you don't have one of these then the regular foot should also do the job.  

Repeat the process for the other side of the purse.  Once you have sewn all pieces to the zip fold over the fabric so the two outer panels line up and the two lining panels line up.  Make sure you half undo the zip so that you can turn your purse inside out when you are ready, then start to sew the edges of the purse, starting with the two outer panels.  Sew all the edges together apart from the bottom edge of the lining.  Carefully trim your corners to enable you to fold out the purse more easily and then turn inside out so that the fabric is the correct way around.

Once the purse is the correct way around pull out the lining fabric and fold in the two pieces of the open edge.  You can then sew the edge together so that the lining is closed.  Pop the lining back in again and close the zip.  

The last part is optional really but I think it adds a nice touch to the purse and is another one of my favourite colours...neon pink!  Cut a 10cm piece of neon pink ribbon and fold in half.  Through the eye of the zip thread the folded end of the ribbon through and then loop the other ends through the hoop to create a little zip pull.

And there you have it, your very own hand made distressed gold foil purse.  Perfect for coins or a lipstick and phone.  Now sit back and admire the shininess! 



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