Squiggles Match Stick Holders - Choose Your Colours


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Our scalloped match stick holders have been hand cast using white marble Jesmonite, creating a luxe stoneware effect with a subtle sparkle.

Each piece has been tinted a warm shade of off white and joyfully decorated with painterly stripes in an assortment of colours.

Choose from a wide array of coloured matches, or if you can't decide then you can opt for our rainbow selection.  Each pot features a strike disc to the base for ease of use.

Pot measures approx 6cm tall x 5cm wide.  Matches measure approx 9.7cm long.

Please note:

* As the pot colour and paint colours are hand mixed there may be slight colour shade variations between batches.  Should you require a matching set we recommend ordering together.

* Air bubbles are a natural part of the Jesmonite pouring process, so if you notice any small bubble holes, then rest assured that is completely natural...we think it adds to the handmade touch.

*The price listed is for one pot only with a set of matches.