Small Granite Jesmonite Tray


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Our small tray has been hand cast from Silver Granite Jesmonite, offering a luxe stoneware finish with a subtle sparkle.

Available in off white, pink or blue, the granite finish adds a peppery black speckle texture with a subtle sparkle.

Use it to store your trinkets or your favourite planter - its fits perfectly with our small scalloped plant pots.

Tray measures approx 18cm x 9.5cm x 1.3cm high.  Internal measurements approximately 16.5cm x 8cm.

Please note:

* As the colour tints are hand mixed there may be slight shade variations between batches.  Should you require a matching set we recommend ordering together.

* Air bubbles are a natural part of the Jesmonite pouring process, so if you notice any small bubble holes in your product then rest assured that is completely natural...we think it adds to the handmade touch.

*The price listed is for one tray only.