Scalloped Trivet


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Our scalloped trivets have been hand cast using silver grey granite Jesmonite, creating a luxe stoneware effect.

Each piece has been tinted in warm shades of white, pink or blue.  The granite texture creates a peppery speckle finish with a subtle sparkle.

Ideal to use as decoration around your home, from displaying items such as toiletries or plant pots, or as an over sized coaster for your drinks.

Trivets measure approx 1.2cm tall x 18cm wide. Please allow for some slight variation in height.  Cork bumpers have been added to the base to protect your surfaces.

Wipe clean with a soapy cloth when needed.  Avoid leaving stains to absorb into the surface.

Please note:

* As the colour tints are hand mixed there may be slight colour shade variations between batches.  Should you require a matching set we recommend ordering together.

* Trivets are for display only and are not plates.  You may use them for displaying dry foods but we don't advise using them as dinnerware as the surface is porous.

* Air bubbles are a natural part of the Jesmonite pouring process, so if you notice any small bubble holes, then rest assured that is completely natural...we think it adds to the handmade touch.

*The price listed is for one trivet.