Pebble Plant Pots

Our Pebble ceramic plant pots are hand painted with a satin waterproof finish to the inside and a matt chalky finish to the outside, in a choice of beige, dusty pink and white.

The smooth pebble like shape of the pot is detailed with a similar gold leaf design.

Your pot can be supplied empty and used as a plant or pencil pot.  Alternatively choose from a succulent or cacti.

Measures approximately 10.5 cm tall, 7.5cm diameter.

**Please note due to the hand made finish of these pots they may vary in appearance to those photographed here.  Succulent and Cacti varieties will also vary to those photographed.**

Unfortunately we are currently unable to ship plants outside of the UK, so if shipping is required abroad please select 'Pot Only'.

Caring for your Succulent or Cacti:
Succulents and Cacti are praised as being low maintenance house plants.
They need good sunlight, at least 6 hours a day, so keep them in a sunny position close to natural light. Be careful however not to let them get 'burnt' in the sunlight - i.e. a south facing window in midday sun can be too much for your plants. If your plants are not getting enough light then they may begin to bolt (they look like they are stretching towards the light) - this is particularly common with certain types of Succulents.

Although these plants are fairly dry plants, meaning the can be watered less frequently then most common house plants, its all about getting the balance right. Ideally check your plant every one to two weeks and if the soil is completely dry then give them a little drop of water but be careful not to soak. Avoid getting the leaves wet as this can lead to them rotting. These plants need less water over the Winter period as they tend to remain dormant until Spring and Summer when they start to grow again.